The James Spillane Wrld Tour


For the six of you who still visit this space occasionally, I urge you to write in the guestbook. Also, I'll be appearing in public many times in October and once in September. The places to be so honored are: The Kingfisher jobsite, the Weiland Jobsite, the Fitzgerald Jobsite, The Big Store, The Little Store, The Royal Theater, The Ferry Landing, The Hungry Clam, The Market Place, Sea-Tac Airport, Maple Valley (maybe, there is a screaming kid there, and there is also a baby there) There will be no live bands or theme music to accompany me, but a mere I-pod loaded with my favorite tunes, (for a not so complete list of tunes, see footnotes below) When approaching me in public, here a few limitations set before hand for an honest interaction, no antics to speak of, avoid the wearing of costumes in highly public places, (doctor overalls, nurse get-ups, the gimp, south park character heads, and gorilla suits) these are trying times for our great nation, dressing up in a gorilla suit and acting crazy might just get you shot by the long paranoid arm of the law. During our public interaction I will merely and quite simply try and answer questions, and sign breasts if large and wanting, while trying to remain witty and entertaining. Wrldmrine is dead, but ever charming, look forward to meeting you and perhaps sharing a fried bean burrito.

List of songs:
1. Do you want to have sex with me, because I want to have sex with you
2. who are you talking to on your cell phone
3. cancer, its bitch