a thousand men who've come and gone



2. I love amber

2. I love my ex-wife (to a degree. that dosn't make me a bad person)

2. I love my son

2. I am his father

2. I have bad credit

2. I like writing

2. I like reading

2. I think I am in love with a vagina, with a girl I just spoke to on the phone

2. I drink so much too much...

2. I have seen lives escape flesh in front of me

2. I want you to feel like you can escape right in front of me, sort of like how I escape every night right in front of myself, just lost losing myself...

2. Escape

2. Amber, donít be a color that fades in light, letís make our own ways.

2. I always try to think of myself as number two

2. I love

2. I hope to make enough money to show my love, but realize that I sometimes have to pick up the phone and let them know

2. I sort of have it all figured out now

2. I got this heart that seems to be growing in new directions when the flesh around me seems to be always rotten

2. I consistently piss on it all

2. I masturbated in font of a mirror today

2. It is late and I have to go to sleep

2. Will I ever own my own house? Will I ever write this book? Will they know how much love I have in my lungs? Things seemed so good back in the day

2. Sit yourself in front of me and can honestly tell you that I will love you like I love my own hands

2. Have you seen my hands, have you felt my hands?

2. It dosnt mean much to me to mean that much to you

2. always number two which makes me number one.