the spillane camp


I am in the process of designing my new house which really will be a sort of barn slash airplane hanger. Here are just a few of the things involved, dynamite, hang gliders, parachutes, walkie talkies... are you in? Just look at this list below.

1. rope swing: a rope swing is a must, hanging from the rafters, or course there will be rafters, there have to be rafters, rafters are important for two reason, storage and daring games of tag where they transform into a sort of dangerous high wire jungle gym. Imagine watching the football game and right before you swooshing by like Tarzan you hear, “get out of my way bitches.
2. drinking fountain located next to the sink
3. keg hook up and soda gun
4. Hot tube, a large hot tube.
5. foam pit: this is mainly for the rope swing, but can also be used in correspondence with the skateboard ramp
6. half pipe
7. projection TV: imagine playing Halo on a 20ft screen
8. Urinal: this is a must, the kind that goes all the way down to the floor.
9. island with range and deep sink
10. trampoline