notes from spillane the rock star


Recently Wrldmrine was able to catch up with James Spillane and perform this very candid sit down questionnaire. James is currently living in Snoqualmie Pass Washington. Here is his Bio.


Aug 17 1974, even though it is actually Oct 6th 2003

My sign nigga: Pisces actually Leo, but you can call me "TIGER"

My men: Hot and Thick

Music makes the world go up and down: Coldplay, Modest Mouse, Sharko, Massive Attack, String Cheese Incident, Justin Timberlake, Styx, The White Stripes, A Tribe Called Quest, Glen Campbell

Booky Booky Booky: Lolita, The Winds Of War, American Gods, A Thousand Acres, The Feminine Mystique, A Man Without Qualities, Valley Of The Dolls, Motherless Brooklyn., Janine, 1984, not the book 1984, but the book Janine, 1984, get it?

Lifestyle: Transgression, Racquetball, Having sex with religious idols, having anal intercourse with Mike Adubato, rollerblading, vampires Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Supergirl, looking at pictures of myself, Teabagging

Notes from the Pass: Ever since I got to Snoqualmie, I've wanted to kill myself because nobody loves me. Last week, I went to see Modest Mouse, but I left early because I was jealous of their success. Chris bought a tee shirt that would look too tight on me, so I got a poster instead. I sweat a lot yet my girlfriend is hot. If I could only wake up before 2 PM, I might get something done once in a while. I Have bills to pay. Yesterday, I wrote a poem about my hatred of women. When I'm bored, I think about moving to Oregon. There's a guy I know up there who's really into porn. The world isn't fair, and my mother is a drug addict. Sometimes I go watch her strip, but it doesn't turn me on at all.