king fu


Sometimes I feel like I have all these things crushing down upon me
But I know this burring girl
Who doesnít have a tongue and only moves her hands in Latin
Sometimes she lets me in, and I kiss her for what seems like too long
And sometimes she goes blind and canít see me sitting right there

My words are scrambled in her swirly ears and she almost always comes to tears

Sometimes I put 20 percent of my heart out on the door step for her to eat
Sometimes I think that is too much and I close the door all together
How much should I give?

To keep her afloat, how much can she take how much does she need before it is too much
Shut me off
Shut her off
Shut me up
Shut her up

Throw something
break something
Remember that your heart is out on the doorstep and that it is being eaten

What would Jesus do?