Please don't bring explosives to sheriff's office


Now I must admit that wrldmrine has been going through a bit of a slump, fewer posts, even fewer guestbook entries, less writing on my behalf, less caring on my behalf, less everything on my behalf, maybe I am not living my life with gusto. (gusto coming from the Spanish verb: to like, but in English, Vigorous enjoyment; zest for life) now don’t get me wrong, I am living my life with much gusto, but not maybe enough gusto to write about it or perhaps I am simply not writing about life with gusto, because I am living my life with gusto. So all gusto aside, the truth is that I am living in a very simple place, I am living in smallville or Pleasantville or what ever movies are in black and white and depict superman growing up as superboy. I really don’t have anything to write about. There is no cabin fever here, no divorce, no beer bottles being hurled at my head, I am quite simply happy and quite simply simple... with that note, I leave you with a journal entry, (the Journal is the San Juan Island news paper, the following is the sheriff’s log) now, if you have any integrity as a human begin and value life as you know it, you will read the following sheriff’s log... you will read it fully. We are talking about a place where you leave your doors unlocked and your keys in the ignition this is the place I live and the life I live. Please, I urge you to take a moment out of your busy life and read this entry... and maybe with that you will understand this exact moment I am in my life in which I move with the fluidity of an eel.

Oct 15
A 49-year-old Friday Harbor man received harassing phone calls from a man in Island county jail.
Someone took 12 traffic cones and three construction barricades from a construction site on Caines Street

Oct 14
A man entered the Sheriff's office lobby carrying a black leather wallet/glasses case containing identification, check book, credit cards. He said he found it in front of the sheriff’s office.

Oct 13
Someone threw a rock through the front window of a home on Cedar Street in Friday Harbor

Oct 12
A caller reported hearing a car crash
(In bold) Man arrested for BUI

October 10
A 30-foot-birch tree was cut down and thrown over an embankment on Discovery Way.
An explosive device blew out the back of a mailbox on Mitchell Bay Road.

Oct. 9
(Again in bold) Please don't bring explosives
to sheriff's office

A bomb squad from the mainland will be in Friday Harbor later today to deal with 56-year-old blasting caps. A citizen brought the 1948 explosives to the sheriff's office

Oct. 6
A 1985 pickup work truck taken from Turn Point Road, found on Pear Point Road undamaged and all tools were still in the truck.

Oct. 4
A 54-year-old Eastsound woman returned home from a vacation and found a porn tape and a CD were taken and her computer had been used to access porn sites. Saw her oldest son run off when she arrived unexpectedly.

Oct. 3
Someone slept in a bed belonging to a couple who spend two weeks in Seattle and then a weekend in Friday Harbor.

Oct. 2
A 75-year-old Lopez Island man reported his tractor taken.
A 26-year-old Friday Harbor man was suspected of slashing tires of a car belonging to a 22-year-old Friday Harbor woman. She had offered to drive the man's ex-girlfriend off island. He had threatened to slash the ex-girlfriend's tires if she attempted to leave the island.