just another carpenter


After reading just another soldier.com and its tremendous writing, dare I use the word tumultuous (because I always wanted to use the word tumultuous in a sentence?) a web blog in which I will not go into any great detail about because that would only take away from the brilliant writing layered upon its silky pages- I, James Spillane have decided to write a book, (which will of course never be written, because I am currently writing a book about not writing- see last post) where as the title of this book will be called...

Just Another Carpenter

Because hey, that is what I do.

Where upon Jesus (always pronounced in perfect Spanish,) comes down to earth, decides not to flip my car over with a bolt of lightning but rather educate me...

Jesus: James, you’re not just another carpenter, carpentry is good honest work, hell, I was a carpenter.

James: actually, I thought you were a mason, I mean, you made mud huts and crap.

Jesus: yeah, well, we had no trees.

James: so Mel Gibson is full of shit.

Jesus: only about that table making business all the rest was true...

James: sorry.

Jesus: no sweat, I walk on water and all that so I guess it makes up for it all.

Hi fives all around.