research, consumtion, and self satisfaction


After gaining some interest nick Hornsby’s new book The Polysyllabic Spree, apparently 14 installments from a column that he has been writing for the past several years where he reviews all literature digested by his curious mind, webpages, plays, sports scores, books that he has read, books that he might someday read... I myself have decided to start categorizing and reviewing most of the things that are happening in my life. I recently wrote a piece about some of my favorite reads (which will not be posted here on wrldmrine, due to its pending publication.) and I've found it was quite inquisitive, not that I haven’t partaken on the adventure before. Ever since my recent divorce I have been questioning everything in my life while adapting and tailoring quite rapidly in a manner that suites my likes and dislikes... for example. I like mayonnaise, I like mayonnaise a lot, so much that I sometimes eat bread with only mayonnaise on it, even furthermore, scoop it right out of the jar like a child does peanut butter and into my mind. I guess that is one of the advantages of divorce, you can begin buying what you want and doing what you want with your spare time and money, rather than sitting down with the committee and running everything by “the boss” before purchases. And I must admit that I have made some odd purchases in the last two years, but that itself is another story that perhaps might someday be told in this form. Right now I am going to submit a list of the webpages that I am currently viewing on a daily basis. Why? Might you ask, well simply because I can post anything I fucking want on wrldmrine (unless Chris revokes my privileges or crashes the server which he does quite frequently.) so here it is bitches.

[There is no ranking to these websites, it is all random and chaotic like the sweet world we live in]

1. amazon.com: upon hearing about a movie, or book, or using it like a research tool I often check amazon.com. I also like how the friendly people of Amazon remember my credit card information which makes ordering books that I really don’t need or want at the time [due to my drunken state,] a painless experience.

2. johnnyamerica.com: mainly I check this website out of vanity due to the fact that I posted stuff before on the site and have been published by them. I like to check and see who is commenting on my pieces.

3. cnn.com: it is much better now that the election results are in and we no longer have to view giant pictures of Bush and Kerry. Now we can get to the good stuff like “how to escape from a burning space station,” and “woman trapped in car cuts off own arm to escape.” I mostly check this site in the morning while sipping coffee. It is true what they say about the demise of nightly news. Most people DO receive there information before 6pm.

4. sanjuanislander.com: I like to read the sheriffs log and see who is getting busted in my small town.

5. Google: by far the best library I have ever been in.

6. Dirty Sanchez: this is our fantasy football website.

7. Mcsweeneys: I like to keep abreast to what is “hip” in literature.

8. mapblast.com: this site in my address drop down bar, I really don’t check this site much but amber always seems to be going somewhere and doesn’t know how to get there.

9. buddysreviews.com: this is an amateur porn site. And my main source of free porn on the internet.

10. wrldmrine guestbook: it is my homepage. It is also dead. But hey, things are much cooler when they are dead, Kurt cobain, jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Andy Kaufmann, Chris Farley.

now go fuck yourself.