throwing oysters over my shoulder like fire in the night


There is something about listening to Bob Dylan that gets me going every
time. Here are some things one might consider for the perfect Bob Dylan

1.. On a cold boat with the wind blowing through the rigging causing it to
go ding
2.. whiskey straight
3.. A demon on your back, in your mind, hairy like a werewolf or better
yet maybe it is half horse half man sort of concoction. This beast is
reaching forward evil and menacing trying to catch and devour as much of the
world that is allowed. Upon the beasts back rides a completely naked woman.
She is being taken for a ride, she is probably innocent and will most likely
be ravaged, rapped and left for dead but her Mona Lisa smirk suggests
4.. Alone in thoughts, maybe in a cabin. Again it is cold outside; the
cabin doesn't have electricity and is heated by a wood stove of some sort.
The cabin is flickering with candles
5.. A guitar waiting to sing
6.. 2 am, and all the good constellations are starting to come out, your
telescope defines them. The entire universe out there making your feel
7.. A perfect combination: whiskey, cabin, guitar, wood stove, winter
screaming cold in your bones. A naked woman, sitting quietly. Pubic hair so
defining that the candle light casts a miniature shadow on her abdomen and
she knows about the beast you once were.
8.. Pat Garrett is out there some where he is coming for you but tonight
you have music, warmth and love to make.