and david boner says "changes..."


right now there is so many things i want to write about and make right. you like that don't you? let's do this. i mean let's get back to a steet level as to what james spillane is all about, what chris holland is (not so much)about. let's get back to my thoughts while driving up I-5. thoughts that involve future force fields, thouhts about my ex-wife as i pass certain places south of tacoma, the food that i have eaten, the people that i have been meeting, the girlfriends sleeping, snoring next to me telling me that i need to pull over because they have to pee pee. for example there are books that i have read this month, about seven of them and they are shaping the way i think, just like the songs i download and movies i watch and the people i see. everyday i am becoming something new and all this wrldmrine shit is bullshit, i think i need to some how molt and scrap my snake skin off against a douglas fir and tell you what it is all about. things are happening right now as we speak and for me to sit here and post stupid little-not-dealing-with-it-stories has to be a negative. you guys want to hear what really is going on... so let us begin.