fall for me before I fall for you


Leo Tolstoy fucked his so called wife in the ass, renounced all forms of war and walked out into the wood line which surrounded his personal estate leaving behind a note that read, “Leave me alone.” They found him three days later frozen and dead.

Grant drank and conducted war in his time off. It only took one or two before it showed and it showed. Glassy eyed he made decisions bigger than him which stained themselves into our history. He missed his wife and his family... couldn’t help himself.

All the bakers at dawn, waiting for their blue collar acquaintances.

I fall in love with all these things. I fall in love with you and I can’t help myself- don’t find me three days later, just find me now, i might be drunk but i dont want to be alone.

Do you remember swimming in that swimming pool?
San Diego

when i am done i feel like talking.

sometimes i feel like one hundred and two, but that is ok with me if that is ok with you.