In the beginning there has to be a character so tragic
That every thing about him seems genius
His head and his hair cut are genius
Calculating in comic
His arms...
as a big as they are full of scars and tattoos
Genius and historical

His kiss
His walk
His finger tips can shoot lightening bolts or fling remotes
at a TV set
we have to love and believe this character

maybe this is a song, maybe this is love, maybe you were
buried in bob Dylan

but the main character has to leave someplace and come back
to another

the main character has to be a genius so full of tragedy that it fills up journals, notebooks and canvases and in the end
so simple

this character has to be born in madness steering a ship that he is not yet ready

fall in love
make love


a place where the teeth seem so beautiful and the intrigued design of tree branches through a window makes him fall asleep in his mothers womb
believing in a better place