man hands


i was watching tony robbins last night in a drunken stupor... thinking, what the fuck is it about this guy that wes likes so much... then tony began to speak to me. i said to myself, but yet to tony, who probably couldn't hear me because he was on tv, he was in hawaii, and the show previously taped three years ago, but still i said, tony show me the way... then he clapped his big andre the giant hands together and said... "when you have an idea, that is great, you are motivated, so then you form a plan, which is even better, but it is still nothing until you apply it into action... then you are actaully doing something... the harder your goal is, the better you feel when you accomplish it, people don't feel good about accomplishing weak goals..."
and then finsihed off my Jar of rum, then shit my diggers on what thought was sure to be a fart... oh well.