this dream i had last night


I had the weirdest dream last night. I was on top of a church 100ft tall and the wind was blowing something fierce... soon a priest came up there to help me I guess, but I didnít even know why or how I was there. that was about the time the earth started shaking and the world started spinning or maybe the world wasnít spinning but the church was, being afraid of heights I held onto the cross with all my might, and the priest held onto the bell tower, soon it was too much and the priest blew away and I felt bad for him because it was such a long way down... some how I had blown into a gable where the wind wasnít so bad and I wedged myself there and pretended to be a spider or an ant. I thought for a moment that god was trying to kill me, or test me or something... next the whole building began to twist and crumble but I was stuck in gable, stuck in my ways... when it was all over some how I had survived and ran quickly for open ground. Then out of no where a crow came flying up and landed on my shoulder and just as quick disappeared into thin air but yet I could still hear him cawing. Then when looking at my shadow, there he was still on my shoulder like a parrot on a pirate.