suggested intinerary


Ski info:
Joe, Caitlin and I have passes top the following resorts and I’ve included your discount prices…

• KEYSTONE – the BEST deal right now through 12/25; ****buy 1 list ticket get one lift ticket free**** $36 weekdays and $56 weekends (at window $67! Great savings for Front Range folk). This resort is also the only night skiing resort in the area (possibly in Colorado). Night skiing is included in the price of the ticket. Do keep in mind that the deal offered probably includes HORRIFIC lines at the slopes. If you don’t mind, neither do we.

• Breckenridge – a cute little town with windy slopes but they are WIDE and very safe. We like it cause we hang out at the local pubs and grab a bite après ski. Cost is $36 weekdays and $56 weekends.
• A-Basin – more rugged terrain and loved by snow boarders and younger people; the have the card board derby here (people make cardboard “floats” and ride them down the mountain, the winner is the cutest float that survives – always a fun time) and its snow is usually one of the best so it stays open through early July! Cost is the same as Breck.

• Vail – ahhhhh, the Disney World of ski resorts and an adorable town (beautiful statues and ice sculptures as well as lights and views). VERY expensive and no deals….$71 per ticket. We can always go to the town for a ride up the Gondola and a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever) at the top.

• Beaver Creek – never been but heard this is the best kept secret of ski resorts. The oldest resort in Colorado that recently hosted the world championships for men’s downhill (the Bird of Prey run is famous in the more aggressive ski circles, I hear). Part of the Vail resorts so same price. We heard the lines are minimal, because the clientele, much like the crowd in Aspen, ski a few hours and then head off to the spa or to have their nails done…anyway, save you money and come back for this one!

• Winter Park and Copper Mountain – we do not have passes here so would have to buy 4 tickets ourselves (after buying $350 passes x3). You are all welcome to head off to one of these though, if you would like. Tiff and Lisa have both been to Winter Park (Tiff, you went here with Mike and Uncle V for snow boarding – Lisa worked here). Joe and Caitlin and I adore Copper Mountain. The price of tickets is comparable to Breck. They do have a deal going: Copper Mountain season 4 pack (4 lift passes per person anytime this ski season) = $89 which I a good deal, esp. if you can come back and ski this year. Winter Park 4 pack = $99.
SATURDAY (the 20th): Arrival for all; we hang out with the Holland’s early in the day and maybe do some last minute shopping and wrapping; we take them to the mall and intro them to Joe’s favorite watering hole (yep, Gordon Biersch) where the guys can have cigars. The Moore’s arrive whenever that night.

SUNDAY (the 21st): I say we go skiing! Pick a mountain. Depending on how long we stay out, we may be too tired to hit the town that night (depending on where we go and traffic, we may not make it home until late). We definitely must hit the hot tub to soothe tired muscles, and if we feel energized, I say we stay kinda local and visit one of Tiffany’s favorite spots – Pinkies Bar and Pool Hall. This place has high entertainment value in the clientele (no worries, bikers are really a safe crowd for us, just not each other). The pool tables are pink and the music is rock-n-roll (not country). Perhaps Tiffany might honor us again with her exhibition of downing a beer in less than 10 seconds! No hang over allowed…

MONDAY (the 22nd): How about a day of snow shoeing Rocky Mountain National Park? This could 4-6 hours (leaving the house to returning). At night, we hit Denver for some clubbing (dress nice). Nicole, my friend who lives down there, will show us some of the more interesting locations (i.e. the discothèque Polyesters and martini clubs). There is a wonderful Jazz club I would like to hit if you all are game and like that sort of music (I recall Lisa does). We have a grammy winner from here that can wail some tunes (Hazel Miller).

TUESDAY (the 23rd): If you get the Keystone tickets, we need to go skiing again (before Xmas),….ya’ know….even if you didn’t, we need to ski again!!! Pick a mountain. At night, we hot tub and then go out to look at Christmas lights. Joe and I are looking into a party limo so we can drink and NOT drive (our Christmas treat for all). If not, we’ll rent a large Van and Aunt G and I can stay somewhat sober to tool-around town so we can all oooooo-and-ahhhhhh as we look at the lights (HOPEFULLY in the snow).

WEDNESDAY (the 24th): How about a day of cross country skiing and/or tubing in Winter Park (the place has a rope to tow tubers back to the top)? Kind of a slow and easy day. At night we hang out around the house and have a treasure hunt. I have goodies hidden for everyone. If open that night, we can head down to GB (a.k.a. Joe’s Watering Hole) so they guys can have cigars in a warm place and the ladies can have pipes, cigars or fun drinks or all of the above (I enjoy them all).

THURSDAY (the 25th): Christmas Day! We hang out, play with our new stuff, eat, eat, eat. Nicole will join us in the afternoon for Christmas cheer and the traditional Christmas piñata. That evening, I believe the theaters are open, so if we want, we can go see the new Hobbit series film – o whatever.

FRIDAY the 26th: Last day, so I leave this open for you all. Wanna ski again or go into the city and hit museums, the big REI store – after Christmas sales will be great! We can hit a Blues club that night, or hang out at the house…..whatever you decide.

SATURDAY the 27th: Check out for all. The Hollands have a flight out at approx 11:30, which means their boarding time is around 11:00. The new express way (1 mile from out house!) gets one to the airport in 30 minutes. Since it’s the weekend after Christmas, I will guess the airport will be busy. You decide how far in advance you ant to be there. I’m guessing we need to leave no later than 9:30. The Moores will probably want to leave around 8:30…? So we get up and have a marvelous breakfast and say our find farewells.

NOTE: I would really LOVE to share kitchen duties with everyone. The guys can certainly cook, too (the most famous chefs are men, after all)! Think about a dish you can make that’s easy and plan on making it for everyone!

Be safe in your travels! Much love to all….see you soon!