Jeremy and Steve: things you should know about Friday Harbor


• We have whales, some are in the bars but most of them are in the ocean. I will try and show you the ones that swim (both go down for a long time.)
• Bring a sweat shirt, it is cold here.
• Nobody drives in Friday Harbor because the cost of gas is hovering somewhere around 78 dollars per gallon.
• We have a lot of hippies for some reason, maybe because there are no cars to run them over with
• We also have rednecks.
• You will get stoned and hopefully not pass out like Chris and save us the agony of drawing cocks on your face with sharpie markers.
• Drinks at the legion cost seven cents.
• I live on town and own two cars that I don’t drive.
• Steal some blankets from Chris and Tiff’s because you will not want to sleep on mine (see whales.)
• Mariah Carey is a dumb bitch.