i heard it all, i heard you at fall


Your heart felt good, lying next to me
And I told you all about the world, I told you all about me
I told you all about all the things you knew
But I just wanted to make you feel good about all these things

My mom chewing on alcohol
Standing naked with all these angels
Stupid and foreign around me
With all these false
Animals swimming around thinking they knew what is good
What is good?

My boss and me just quite the job and we kiss all the girls we see
We dance off of all the driftwood women we see
Drift into my arms and I will kiss you so hard you
Drive your car home into a crash

Do you see me, so you see me?
In Kirkland buying hot wings for football
Do you see me, driving around Issaquah with my windows rolled down?
Do you see Chris?
Thinking about his future?

So you see?