Things that keep james spillane functioning


1. Milk: a short walk to the corner store, reminding me of deli in New York. I time these walks. My fastest time yet is 4 minutes and 3 seconds. I buy a half gallon of milk, mostly consuming it before my skateboard sneakers ever hit the carport. rich in protein, potassium, vitamin D and calcium helping me conjure up ways to conquer the day.

2. Coffee: only in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon after a rainy day of work.

3. Money: a check weighing 400 dollars from my ever loving sister helping me to pay rent. I call this sister because this sister knows everything about everyone, I call this sister late at the bar getting scoops of information on could-be contenders.

4. Fantasy football: on a Sunday, the computer cocked, the TV cocked, my hair unkempt, diet Pepsi, remote control and Chris on the cell phone.

5. A power bill: 34 dollars, I am genius of conservation.

6. bread: all a man needs when poor. 400 hundred rolls of sourdough snagged by the all knowing sister, stuffed into my freezer, taken out and defrosted in threes when needed. Toasted like grill cheese in a frying pan with eggs over easy so the yoak saturates.

7. Books: The Memoirs of U.S. Grant.

8. Friday Harbor: my history, my town.