two hundred


I think you would be good for me, and of course I know these things
I walk down fumble streets with my hood over my head in embarrassment
“she cant see me”

I could come out of the dark and make you apart of my team
I work hard
Bring home the rent and bacon
You can bring yourself home to me

With your dyslexic legs
Your twitching neck
Your twitching pussy

Do you know about the party tonight, the boat ride
Do you know about the coke and the glue and the meth
Do you know about you

Hey twitch girl, ride yourself into my socks
Ride yourself into my cocks
Because I feel like a Bob Dylan song

I got all these dogs that run away
And all this devo arm music that falls apart
my strength

You got these tits that cant stand up to what all we move around to
You laugh
I laugh

Some times it seems like we are all good sex and tits but I think I might be more

I cant be a 200 dollar fool for all the girls I don’t know