after work


Made two hotdogs- ate saltines with a touch of mayonnaise and a bunch of Tabasco for dip.

In my bathroom I watched a spider walk the tightrope that extendes from my wall heater to the bathtub. Thought about killing it but then I saw a water walker flying around and thought about killing him as well. in the end i decided to let nature take care of it.

Sitting there I watched the fly-fly into the spider web.

later in my chair with both computer and TV going.

Discovered some new songs while listening to musicmatch radio for the first time

Watched and interview with Dennis Rodman. That nigg-ar scares me.

Got curious about the Roman Empire but twiddled it down to the Roman calendar and read everything I could about it.

Footnotes: Songs I discovered.

1. blazing arrow, by blackalicious
2. worst comes to worst, by dilated peoples
3. meat grinder, madvillain
4. whats golden, jurrasic 5
5. some shit by swollen member

footnotes: Roman calendar

1. stole from the greeks
2. ten months, 304 days
3. martius, aprilis, maius, who gives a shit.
4. kalends is a period of the moon, the beginning, hence calendar.
5. nones means ninth
6. pointifex means priest.

Now put some Tabasco on that and eat it.

spiders donít really walk like a tightrope walker when their webs are horizontal, they just sort of hang and shimmy, always upside down.