real wrld austin.


I was just watching MTV Real World Austin. I joked around in the past about being a fan, which I am defiantly not, but sometimes after a hard day of work, I catch myself watching the shopping network, or Iron Chef America, anything to zone me out… well today I was watching Real World Austin and for the first time in my life I saw something creative happen by a cast member where he used the enviorment around him to make his life better.

Apparently one of his best friends was up, with a girlfriend that was dumping his ass. The MTV character Wes then came up with a staggering plan which caused me laugh my ass off.

Wes: “dude, here is what we are gonna do, we are gonna call up a sorority and tell one of the chicks that we are with MTV and we are getting ready to shoot an entire new reality TV show based on the sorority life and you just happen to be the producer who has to interview and eventually pick out final cast members, all she has to do is get ten other sorority sisters and meet us at the bar, when they see the cameras they will be sold.”

Camera pans over to friend, friend smiles.

Next shot, Wes is in the confessional booth. Wes: all I wanted to do is to show his ex-girlfriend just how cool he is and what she will be missing when he is gone.

Fast forward, they are at the bar, ten hot girls all around them. Three want to go home with the “producer,” I am sure Wes rails one of them.

Make a long story short; the EX-girl decides that maybe the Ex-boy friend isn’t all that bad.

Here’s to all the Wesley’s of the world.