my first journal entry in an old journal.


Today, after work I went to 40 Web St. with my son Gavin. I gave my future landlord my entire paycheck and she gave us the key. That first feeling of a new place, that new feeling is such a weird one. I donít know where to put what little I have away, or where to hang the pictures. Where should I place my bed, my computer or my TV? Knowing that once I place something-anything down chances are it will never move again.

So far I have done two loads of laundry and I wonder what the shower is like.

I remember when I stopped keeping journals. Journals were bad luck and bad things happened when I kept journals. Is something bad about to happen to me? I hope and pray to god not.

I walk around into each room of this house and I make the sign of the cross, I am blessing this house because I want things to change. God bless me.