my so called hamster


Dear James Spillane,

If only there were absolutes, if only there WERE victors, if only the chart on my wall had the power to answer QUESTIONS about history, if only it did not contain so much PINK.

I will do a mall tour to discover things. I will ask:
If I can donate my body to scientific research, could I donate it to a taxidermist for preservation and eventual use as a mannequin?

After all, isn’t it kind of backward that our capitalistic society, one that cares so much for the nurturing of more dollars in our medical practices -
[hence HMOs, hence privatized health industry, hence our pharmaceutical prowess world-wide (how we dominate the industry, how we milk MONEY out of the indigent and the sick, but how really it’s all of us who pay, how we farm PROFITS from the ill and the needy, how we amplify and inflate the true costs in order to enhance the bottom lines of various health-related companies connected to this amazing, if somewhat Profit-Cenetered industry …), hence the propagation of MORE sick and needy people, hence the demand for MORE doctors, hence the absolute imperative nature of even larger INSURANCE companies, hence their involvement with those insidious HMOs and whatnot, hence hence hence]…and nobody gets a sucker at the doctor’s office anymore (!)
- anyway, we are the type of society that really “glam-“ifies the superficial, the pretty, the beautiful, the visible…and pays BIG for it.

We are a society that really is more dedicated to whether it’s pegged pantlegs or low-slung waistbands with boxers underneath. And that type of research PAYS. We care so much for the visible, it seems ONLY NATURAL that science would, in this society, come SECOND to the Almighty Image.

So can I donate my body to FASHION, so that people know just how those clothes will look?

There are more questions, but I’ll have to save them for later…

Monique LaFollette