good for you, part two (if i was a rapper and it was a battle.)


Sometimes I feel so stupid, like I got all these things to say and the people around me are half gay
They buy flat screen TVs and they can’t even see me
I get all drunk and yell who’s your deejay?
You think you can create a ruckus.
I would rather get mouth fucked my Nazis while unconscious.
Wrldmrine is half retard
And I aint pointing fingers we got talent on this side of the gee-tar
But when I get hard I bend minds like fire on tar
How you like that for a three line poem?
You got 2 grand in mortgage and I got two thousand 2 lick my scrotum.

How’s it working out for you?
How’s it working out for you?
Good talking to you

That’s you line, so who’s line is it anyway?

You’re half…. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, I am involved with the crazy text bitch, I asked her if she
Was textually fustrated like girls on cotex who can’t remember the last time they masturbated?

She said
she said… blah blah blah
but she was good at head.

Just a romantic that is hopeless
a kid that is always dope less
Chew the tobacco that is smokeless
Knock knock, go fuck yourself chris.