where i end and you begin again


I think about all those places we drove bye bye, your apartment with Marko drinking wine.
A turn left from my wife and house and son.
My truck parked in front of our place
My cock sucked in your foyer.

Gavin squirting water guns and water balloons against Belgium kids faces
You making cakesÖ
in your apartment with sharko drinking wine.

Hey joy slay
Play it all away
The mother cat came home

Thanksgiving at st Denis
Thankful for giving myself

My skin jumping out of my skin
Myself saying, I know him I know him
Hey girlfriend, you donít know what I feel
I donít know what I feel

I throw my truck over a turn about
Airbags save our lives
Flat tire life
Mud on our faces
Holy graces

I will drive this broken life home
All the way home
with the horn going off.