a working girl


by Amber M. Kiker

I made 200 dollars in tips tonight
The tipping scale goes as follows:

Senior citizens: two- five bucks (social security, its understandable)
Men over forty: 10-15 bucks
Men mid thirties with friends: 18-25 bucks
Men mid thirties accompanied by wife: 2-5 bucks
Men in twenties: spent all their money buying other girls drinks OR leave large tip for yours truly hoping to score with sexy bartender chick (By the way....never go for the b-tender....she is way to busy to even notice or respond)

Women tipping scale slightly different:

Mid forties: gets out calculator, calls you "hon" and leaves two bucks. (While glancing bitterly at your smooth wrinkless skin and perky breasts)
Mid thirties: gets out calculator, chats with friends, makes it a point not to acknowledge "the help" and leaves two bucks on tray. (Before driving off in newly acquired SUV)
Twenties: She doesn't buy her own alcohol. (Refer to: men in twenties)