20 minute story


Chris came up. He walked off the ferry. Got lost. Got found. We walked to the legion. Chris drank. Chris talked. I drank. I listened to Chris talk. It was a long time us sitting there, him talking me listening. We got drunk. I couldnít drive so Chris used psychic powers to steer the truck home. We both past out.

Next morning
Chris got up. I got up. We both had head aches. Chris wanted to shower but there were no towels. I found one, he showered. There were no towels so I didnít shower. We drove to town. We went to downriggers. We ordered cheeseburgers. Chris couldnít eat his. I ate mine. We went home. We still had head aches so we ate Advil. We cancelled plans. We went back to sleep.

(game time)
We woke up. We drove to town. We watched Florida win. We watched UCLA win. We talked shit. We wagered bets. We drank and talked some more shit. We ate. We got drunk. Chris drove and I tried to guild him with the force. Chris demanded to see frank Jensen. A lady yelled at us. We saw frank. We drank with frank and talked with frank. Chris smoked with frank. I donít smoke. Chris passed out. I stayed up and drank some more with frank. We drug Chris out by his feet. His head bounced up and down.

We drove home
We past out
We woke up
I kicked Chris out.

He got on a ferry
He went home
Florida won the whole damn thing.