how do we forgive


I saw this all before…
My grand father’s wool sheets on Woodbine Avenue me crawling into sleep after a night of drunk fighting
Always was an answer
Something safe
Always waking up clean and new
the innocence of a kid

Then, with my mother
My father
I thought to myself how could people hurt people? like these people
How could people hurt me?
These ones I loved
Bashing in innocence

And I cursed it all


I think different
I am killing myself every step I take
And my son
Looks at me
And all I can say is sorry
I try to explain
Let him know the love
I shake his hand, a sign that no one but him and I know
About our bond

I have lost all the things I have been proud about and I am almost zeroed out
I think I am learning my mom
My dad
My grand father
My grand mother

Accepting the sin
I just hope my son will accept mine.