Notes: thoughts: thoughts of notes that I should write for wrldmrine, my favorite webzine/journal/art thing that I am proud to associate myself with.


A very, very thick forest that we always seem to be walking through
I wanted to find you, there
Something warm something comfortable
Something compatible

There is a beautiful poster board located in wrldmrine head quarters, aka Chris Holland’s computer room, well not really a room but more of a walk in closet that harbors his various computer things-aka cpu’s monitors, a large box of James spillane’s art work and letters that he hides away from the general public, or more likely, tiffany, his wife, a beautiful woman with intelligent taste in art and more importantly interior/home décor, whom deems unworthy for the Holland residence. Here, in this little sever room, at the heart of wrldmrine headquarters, is a poster board of minimal monetary value but of a larger sentimental value that reads, World Marine Charters, and then in smaller type, Yacht brokerage, or something to that effect. I would have given a better description of the poster board itself, but there is a great geographical distance between my house/condo/apartment/sty from Chris Holland’s more luxury-home-apartments. I tried calling Chris for details on the wrldmrine/world marine poster board, but he was unavailable for comment. But anyway, it is important that you the reader knows exactly what wrldmrine/world-marine is and where we get out namesake from. We get it from a fucking poster board, yes that is it! A poster board that was stolen from the Frank Harrison Jensen of Friday Harbor Washington. At this junction, I think it is important to mention the mono colored, teal silhouette of a nautical steering device, not a tiller, but a wheel with large grippy handles. This image perfectly placed in the center of the poster board, almost as if to say, Wrldmrine/world-marine, a wheel to steer bye, why? Because we are perfectly placed, we have found the balance, let us charter your literary course. Come join use, embrace us, love us for who we are, for we love you, and if you sign the guest book and leave a witty comment, we shall reply.

The name “wrldmrine” alone is no guarantee of excellence. It is used by a number of publishers and may serve mainly to mislead an unwary buyer.

“wrldmrine” is the name you should look for when you consider the purchase of fine reading material. It carries a reputation of a company that has been publishing since 1831 and is your assurance of quality and authority. I think, at this time, it would actually be funny if I utilized that authority and ordered you to do something. Just what that something is, escapes me at the moment.

To start with:


Abdera: The ancient city of Thrace located on the Aegean Sea, nearly opposite of Thasos first settled in the 7th century BC home of protagoras.

Alabama: (things I think about when I think of Alabama) there is music, can you hear it? Some where off in the distance some one, something is most likely cooking a possum for dinner. There is a goofy looking kid that sort of resembles Thom Yorke and he is playing a banjo. Burt Reynolds is in there. Apparently him and his buddies are on some sort of canoeing expedition. But things will go wrong, horribly wrong. Anal rapes while squealing like a pig, arrow in your leg-wrong. Welcome to Alabama, 2003.

Arizona: (things I think about when I think about Arizona) we are young and sun burnt and we are hunting your rattlesnakes. Stepping on cacti was never fun, but everything else was.

Alaska: (things I think about when I think about Alaska) you are so beautiful I would hold you in my arms but my arms aren’t big enough. Waterfall, grizzly bear Alaska big. That is you Alaska. Bar fights and fisherman, Indian, Eskimo and salmon. Snow crab on my dinner plate, think I will have Alaskan amber to wash it all down.

Abeokuta: a large city located in SW Nigeria, a daring place live now, because of refugees and historically, because of slave hunters.

America: too easy

Absaroka: or the Absaroka Range, located in the Rocky Mountains. It extends from Montana, standing tall all the way to Wyoming. When I think of this, I think of cowboys. I think of cold winters. I think of people eating each other.

Aegina: an Island of Greece. yet i think of a girls center.

Accra: the largest city in Ghana, I bet you did not know this.

Acadia: think Nova Scotia, two words that also end in the letter “a” but do not begin with the letter “a.”

Acoma: also know as the Sky City. A large Indian pueblo located in west central New Mexico. It is believed to be the oldest continually inhabited places in the United States. (Does the rent ever go up?) The name of this city commonly confused with the Steve Miller Lyric, I came from Phoenix Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA. In where the ill informed listeners replace the word “Tacoma” with the word “Acoma…” hopefully this little bit of information will steer you (the reader and listener) in the right direction. (Remember the poster board?)

Alberta: a province of “oh Canada, my home and native land” which is not my home, but the national anthem of Canada. Things one might relate to Alberta 1) a person named Albert. 2) The Hudson Bay, and the Hudson Bay company. 3) Hockey.

Adowa: where the “Battle of Adwa” took place. You see the Italians, those lazy gucci-prada-esspresso drinking bastards, tried to join the bandwagon of European countries building empires in Africa similare to the ones that France and England had previously done. Due to there weak work ethic, the Italians were defeated by the Ethiopian Army, did you hear that, the Ethiopian Army! This decisive victory lead to Ethiopia’s independence.

Africa: you got to love it, or at least read about it in Paul Theroux’s travel log, “DARK STAR SAFARI” in which he daringly makes his way via road, river and rail from Cairo to Cape Town. On the way he describes the many different peoples, tribes, towns, countries and landscapes. Drinks a lot of beer and makes fun of UN humanitarian aids workers.

Altamira: please tell me you have heard of Altamira, northern Spain? Known for its world famous prehistoric cave paintings. It is funny that the paint on my car is chipping off. That the they spend half a year every year repainting the Eiffel tower. That marine paint deteriorates after three years yet costs a staggering 50-100 dollars a can, yet there are men who painted pictures of bison with berry juice 14,000 years before Christ, and it is still visible today.

Agana: the capital of Guam, I know this because I have applied for various governmental jobs there.

Albania: cold, hot, gross, conflict, mud, islands, Albanian refugees, one could swim to Italy, but why?

Andorra: you are so small, wedged between Spain and France, I can never find you on my map.

Angina (pectoris): a place in my heart that hurts.

And let us not forget, shall we never forget, Alexandria!

Alexandria: home of Alexander the Great. The epicenter of Hellenistic culture, and most importantly the home of the Alexandria Library. For some reasons these yahoos were the first to figure out that knowledge was power and began the first library around 3rd century BC. The ancient Ptolemies would actually seek out foreigners, raiding their caravans and ships for scrolls. These hoards of information paved the way for many cultures to follow. God bless ancient Alexandria.

Other notable mentions, Anguilla, Arabia, and Antarctica


She was: Terse
She was: Bushwhacked
She was: Foible
She was: Glib
She was: winnowing from my heart and everything I knew to be love
And I was such a: opprobrium
I learned to: change
I learned to: love
I learned to: listen
I learned to: forget the past
I learned to: accept

Yet, are we the future, the now? Do we, bow to technology? Are we forgetting where we came from? Should we get on the phone and call our mothers and let them know how much we care? Should we say the things we want to say at all hours of the day, no matter how informal it is? Is it because of these things, constantly building up inside of us, that our lungs are so heavy, heavy like cast iron stoves, so heavy with guilt and shame, unable to be true to our ideals, that we, human beings, need-seek-comfort ourselves in television, drink, sex, sleep, cigarettes? All this just to cope what the sources of our angst?

Are you stuck in the system: the system does not- and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human needs that have to be modified to fit the needs of the system. It is the needs of the system that is paramount not those of the human.

Are you thinking, right now of shackles that are so compelling and comfortable they become undetectable?


Sitting there in my living room, I thought for a brief moment that I was the proud owner of telekinesis. It all made sense, I mean, think about string theory, about tiny little particles, and sparticals. Think about he universe and multi universes, like membranes, rubbing up against each other. All that energy out there. Energy up for grabs, let alone earth, volcanoes, lava, tides, waves, static, lightning, wind, tornadoes, and hurricanes… a source to tap into. Million of tiny particles bouncing around in the air, atoms swimming over your shoulder as you move through the world like a salmon in a stream. My energy. My mind. I could/should harness this. I could reach out my hand. Feel the energy. I am pushing all these atoms around, like a wave. I could reach out with my hand and pull my wine glass towards me. Come to me, from so far across the room, come to me.

And now I am reaching out to you. If you have gotten this far, you care, and I want you to know that I care about you. I want you to know that I love my mother. That I love my life. That I stumble outside and get drunk on the stars. That I think everything around me is a book waiting to be opened, that I am building facts, archiving them in my brain. Hoping that some day it will all make sense, yet not yet wanting to open that Christmas present, because then I would have to wait another life time. I want you to know that I pray to god everyday. That I understand complicated weather systems, and understand that the best we can predict (forecast) is five days. I understand that I have done wrong. That I have hurt people. That I have not always been a productive member of society. But I want you to know, I really want you to know, (the reader the viewer of wrldmrine) that we have a whole bunch of love to give. Let us/me give that love to you. We will pour it on you like gravy. We will hold you in our arms as you sleep. We will sleep next to you all night with our arms of stability wrapping around you, only occasionally pulling back to rub your hair. In our dreams, in our mind- you are a woman. Because we are men, and we are not afraid cry.

Compatible with/ Abspielbar auf/ Compatible avec/ Reproductores de/ Compatible con
Everything below.