I felt like calling you up and saying
I got a good place
Felt like calling you up and saying
I am thinking with high clarity
Felt like calling you up and saying… watch this
In my environment watching you in your environment
I got arms rotting off
Legs and lips
And songs
And you have arms up hoping around like retard cookies

You are wrong! James you have nothing
(I have internet intent) am right?

I will end you!

No you will not…I move this way I move different

It just in not happening, I mean, how is it working out for you?

Fuck off Jamie

I thought you would say that… I sleep on couches, on floors I am making means, when you first picked those coincidences
That apartment out for me, and I said no, how’s that working out, I walked away, towards something more myself, something more her, more me, a kiss that is dumb and a blow job in a hallway… she loved me being me.

Well said asshole, I am moving to DC with my new husband

I am glad we have moved away from the ““of this conversation
Now tell me how you really feel

Jamie, I love you for hurting me

And I love you the same, can I just reach out across the night and kiss you, how good does it feel to have my arm around you?

I have that

No you fucking don’t
You are reaching now, you want mine and only mine that is why you picked up this kid
But he isn’t a gunslinger, (a straight edge from Texas, they are the worst, look at me, chainsaws and Washington oysters) you are not earning it; earn it, that is all I ask. Earn me …earn love… my love the love that I have fought for and left and wait for again for, your love...

I am sorry, I cannot

What does that mean? Can’t get real! You know you want it!

I want stability

Well I am ready to self fucking destruct