it happened


And my mother said: fuck you
And my father said: baby lets relax, shit look at where you live your kids, your house what else can I do?

And my mother said: stop it
And my sister said: what time is it?
And my other sister said: stop it
And my dad said::Jamie, what do you think?
And I said: I think mom is wrong.
And my dad said: do you love me, do you agree with me?
And I said : dad, I love you, I love mom
And we walked down to jackson’s beach
And he said: look at those stars
And I said: I see them
And he said: now imagine Jamie, all those stars can be any thing, any thing in the world, the universe that they what to be, yet they are them, there, is that fare?
And I said: it is beautiful
And he said: I guess you are right