how stories would be different with cell phones


huck finn: nigga whats's up

nigger jim: hello

huck finn: can you hear me, hold on, i am in a bad place.

huck finn: can you hear me now?

nigger jim: huck the fuck, whats up, heard your dad got drunk and kicked your ass last night.

huck finn: i kicked my own ass last night down at the legion.

nigger jim: too funny.

huck finn: so i was thinking, we need to bail. just pack up our shit and leave... you know what i am saying?

nigger jim: i can't, ahhhh, i have a little problem, it is called, being black...

huck finn: quit being a pussy, i will just tell everyone i own you.

nigger jim: shit this might work!

huck finn: i know it will, think about it... freedom, when was the last time you had that?

nigger jim: hello? are you there? you are breaking up...

huck finn: hello,...... hello, are you there.

nigger jim: fucking verizon

huck finn: fucking verizon