My name is James Spillane and I am getting ready to write something stupid. Diet Pepsi.
That is the logo that presents itself in front of me, that is the picture, the image, that I have associated with sobriety. Unfourtunatly that is also the picture and the image I have associated with getting fucked up. Quite simply, it is what I mix my Monarch Rum with..

Here is the beginning and here is the now.

I love you, like a sleek little minx that worked its way out of a wood pile
Your hips soft and tender and maybe your breast smaller and less ample than a man wants but perky and constricted..

You are her

And I him.

This is the beginning of a story that I have to tell, compiled if you will, about love and loss and addiction. There will be sobbing in the middle of the night
Heroes that arenít heroes
And sisters
There will be me

There is always traffic in Everett on the left turn exit.

That is the opening line to my life, that has been the opening line to me driving north on I-5

Wait and you shall see