paper lover, phone call snubber


I saw Amy there, with her dumb hair
Sitting there
With out a care

I always tried to imagine her smarter, strongerÖ a moon light on her skin
And I walked over and kissed her
And I donít even try
I mean, I donít think about these things until it happens to me

And I am sure Amy doesnít think about me, or what has happened until it has

We just want it to happen

And baby I am sorry
But at least you want a boyfriend
A man
That does the things that I do
A man
That runs back to the computer
Sucks down a fosters
And locks one in for the working man

Baby you want me, just like Amy, just like Amber, just like Andy
Can you see it?
Can you see my weight?
I donít even try, I just kill myself

And I want you
To understand my
Horse prints, my tracks
Like some dumb Indian scout
I donít want you to try

I donít

Just understand

This sweaty horse that Pat Garrett is dragging me across the land on
A hallucination of a life I could have
A love affaire
In your pants
Your fingers
In my hair
Telling me it is gonna be alright
And I donít even have to try