kings park


So man takes drink, and then the drink takes a drink, and then drink takes man

So this is how I should start. Did Chris just buy his new mini van? I think I will start when he buys his new mini van. I think I will start when I know the apocalypse now starts. I should start to tell you about me before,,, I should start to tell you about me. Me.
Where did it start? Me, Irish birch road,. What the fuck was it? 360 birch road, and Natalie what’s her face lived next-door to me, and I called her “ally” because I had a speech impediment, and I loved her, the first girl I ever loved.

My father was a captain that is all I knew at the time, later I would understand what that meant, but then, he was my grandfather’s son and I loved them both dearly.

My father built a slide out of plywood and sheet metal, a tire swing, a merry go round
My mother paid the bills and cooked meat loaf and kissed me like there was no tomorrow while our dogs Dusty and Sebastian lapped up the good life, the good life, on birch road,
Our neighbors (my age) Jesse Lewis, Joey tecverk, Natalie and her stuttering father, a man named Long, who owned the whole corner block, Chris Pimm. Eric Fanglefart, stick ball and street hockey on the weekends we all played soccer.

My BMX bike was mint
And when I drove down the street, I would see a car that I wanted and I would say “mine”
Because the world was ours to have

This is how it began