thoughts about alaska


- leaving Seattle, the sun chasing us but never catching, never rising ( I knew I was in for something)
- Sweeping into anchorage, over the Kenai Peninsula, watching the lakes and rivers, more lakes and rivers and snow, more mountains then Iíve ever seen in my entire life. Feeling like something out of star wars, a new planet that I never knew existed. It is 9:30 and the sun is dawn, south of no east.
- I fly on a little prop plane that has to be defrosted before we leave. I donít have to clear security or any of that shit, we just get on. Outside I watch the men work in 5 below weather, they wear sweat shirts, no gloves, they spit on the ground and it freezes with in seconds. I feel like a pussy.
- We approach Kodiak, low like an eagle, the plane shakes and rattles I am sure of death and I can only think about the cold water. I imagine dying in that water, colder than any thing I could think of. I am in the water and my arms donít move, my legs donít move and I drownÖ and I cant help but think, what a kick ass way to die, what a kick as place to die in, I have never seen anything like it.
- Sun, cold, mountains, they have earthquakes here like drinking milk shakes.
- In Alaska you have to plug your car in. in Alaska you canít set your e-brake. In Alaska it looks like everyone is smoking because their breath is a smoke signal.
- Alaska is Washington on steroids.
- Alaska starts with a and ends with one like Africa
- Alaska is the new Africa, but without all the black people.
- Welcome home.

I thought that I told you that this world is not for yaÖ