Would have could have been

I can’t believe you.

Hey lover. I can get that all.... got her all. The last show,
Andy, I can’t believe you look at me and see your dad, look at me how Gavin looks at me, his father. It is beautiful, I am
I mean thinking about you thinking I am a piece of shit makes me think about, well your dad

Yes I will get his ticket
I love you
Dream of you
Dream of him
Of Gavin

Think highly of me, or don’t think of me at all

The dashboard melted but we have the radio…

“hey james have you ever had a DUI?”
-I have never been arrested
You sill love my mom, my life, why else would you send gavin back?

I think you don’t know how good I could be you gave up to soon… the dash board melted but we still have the radio….