I got my own tunes boys, my own piper, and I am here, but the thing about this, about the dreams that I have, is I was never scared about the darkness… it was the light ever time.

So here I am, are you there with me, it is almost like trying to hide the daylight from the sun, and hell, I can’t hide all that so
Here I come
Here I come

The doc recommended REM. I was like” what the fuck you mean you recommend sleep this is something right here right now that I am dealing with”

Mr. spillane, it is more complicated that that, you have to get to the core if you want to move on, I think it is impossible for you to have a relationship, a loving relation ship unless you address this.

I have

No you haven’t, meaning you have with me, but something is deeper and we can’t tap into it, you have to…



You got to be joking me; you think all this will work itself out with out working it out. Great, you couldn’t fuck your way out of a fucking wet paper bag…

And that was how it begun.