watching you run,


She was beautiful. Like something that you have never seen before. I mean, imagine every dream you have ever had and imagine her. She was the mother mary pulling you trough it. Your fat ass climbing piller, or constitution, to go home and feel good about it.
What hte hell was she doing… was she kissing you, was she loving you, was she running her fingers through your hair? She was wasn’t she and she made your toes feel weird.
Your mother, your first kiss
Your first love and you remember how you persecuted her
Love me, you said, I am going to fuck up everything you know, love me, kiss me on my ear through the night until … and that is what you said, that is what you left it off as, her and all the women you will ever know…at leat I know how to drive a car well. Into a better world, let me steer.

And she fell asleep.