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August 31
A 36-year-old Orcas man reported a 2001 Honda outboard motor was stolen from his boat while it was moored at a private dock.

August 28
An Eastsound woman reported her car was damaged while it was parked in front of her workplace in Eastsound. She also complained about problems with kids and their litter. The deputy reported the lot looked neat and clean.

August 27, 2002
A deputy contacted two Eastsound men who had allegedly been involved in an assault. One had hit the other after becoming very, very angry over being tailgated. Neither man would provide a formal statement and there were no other witnesses to the incident so the is no way of telling if this incendent really happends at all.

A 19-year-old Friday Harbor man was arrested on minor in possession of or consumption of alcohol after he was found passed out on the hood of a car.

August 26, 2002
A 30-year-old Deer Harbor man violated a court order when he tried to make a collect call from jail to a person who was covered by a no-contact order.

The 30-year-old Eastsound woman who owns a blue-heeler mix dog was sent a warning letter after her dog attempted to attack a pedestrian.

August 25, 2002
A 40-year-old man parked in a Friday Harbor grocery store parking lot, opened his door, hit another car, and then moved to a new parking space.

Someone shot several mailboxes on Egg Lake and Beaverton Valley Road about 1 a.m. with a shotgun.

August 24, 2002
Someone damaged a mailbox on Olga Road.

August 23, 2002
A couple apologized for making noise after deputies were called to their Deer Harbor boat slip after they were fighting. The couple then explained that they were making love, and that they would try to keep it down.

A 33-year-old San Francisco man was contacted by deputies after he was seen eating garbage out of a dumpster in Lopez Village. He said he and his friends were homeless and were traveling teh world.

A Shaw Island man was bitten by the family dog.

August 22, 2002
A 34-year-old Friday Harbor man reported a sign for Asher for Sheriff was broken in half. Surveillance video did not show any suspects.

A 58-year-old Friday Harbor woman called deputies to report her neighbor’s dog was running loose. She likes the dog and enjoys its visits but was worried she would be accused of not allowing the dog to leave. A long history of disputes exists between the dog owner and the woman.

August 21, 2002
Four mailboxes on Terrace Drive damaged or knocked from their mountings.

A 54-year-old Friday Harbor man riding a motorcycle was injured and a deer was dead after a crash on Three Corner Road.
August 19, 2002

A deputy shot an injured deer on Olga Road.