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Aug, 31 2007

Anchorage Endodontics
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Re: Spillane, James
DOB: 08-17-74

Dr. Siry,
I am refering James to your dental care because he has multiple carries on Tooth#9, #8 and #2. Major tramua ocurring with multiple fractures along #8. No pulpilitis present. #9 is currently false. No indication of root damage on #9 however it looks like original PA shows root death in number #7. it seems like love was lost, like he could not love his teeth enough, even though they were fake. I recommend a D0330 pano, Endo possible on #3, #4, and luckey #7...

no medical concerns are present. thank you for your dental care regarding James D. Spillane.


Brett A. Bass DDS PC