Holy fucking jesus Christ I have been in fights… with the blood running down my teeth and the fear creeping up my spine like I had to shit. Bottles flying though the air and flesh being broken, I never felt more alive.
I remember Garcia breathing all heavy. After Chris left and there was a fight, Garcia a Mexican had a problem with some other Mexican at the darmstarter… they talked, I smiled, but Garcia was better than that… something deep inside of me believes that he needed an audience… there was a fight and they gathered around and Garcia was of the boys from way back when and Lopez was this other kid that I met and I knew Lopez and liked him kindly… but fuck it was Garcia, and he took his beer bottle and smashed it upon Lopez’s Mexican head… blood poured and the crowd roared. It was good times and Garcia kept to his guns. Soon the cops came and Garcia was knee deep into his whole breathing thing… he was dead or going to be, and he was huffing and puffing. The cops wanted to give him a breathalyzer, but they couldn’t,,, I had a bag on his face, I was a little worried… the cops went into the building to investigate… Garcia looked at me and smiled.
Lopez was pissed off at me after that but what can I say that is the way it has to be.
Wait come to think of it there was another moment where Garcia was beautiful.. There was this other kid named I think Garcia, and he they were getting all Garcia over “c” barracks and eventually my Garcia called out the other Garcia…. We locked the doors to the first floor. Man did he have some wind… he really dove in and scrapped. There was a barbeque outside, there was love to make…. But those kids fought there in the hallway, and Garcia told the other Garcia…. I will fight you tooth and nail… he had some territory that he was fighting for. We had hamburgers… he was serious we were white.
My Garcia walked out ten minutes later to look at all the girls and let them know that he was still alive. He loved Germany, I think we all did. I met him later, and he was in my wedding, I met him even later and fatter and he was in Chris’ wedding… don’t look now because we all got blood dripping from our fake teeth.