all right baby... I know I love you… know how I know I love you.... because it is late at night I have turned off every light… I could think about, and you keep coughing and I am worried. I am listening to the music on the computer that I have it turned down so low, that is how I hear you coughing and that is how I worry, and I have it turned down so low that I take (earphones) them off from upon my head and I crawled under the bathroom sink and started un-hooking all the pipes, and all the other pipes… and all that shit dripping down on me, so I got up (and cleared all our freshly washed towels out from down below) and I got a big popcorn bowl of sorts… and set it down on the floor boards… and I just started getting dirty and taking it all apart… and all that tobacco, spit, toothpaste hair-shavings… were raining down my forearms… and then I had to reach up into it all and start pulling out those long hairs all slimy and gross and me puking to impress you… over the toilet bowl, and me opening up the door to the bedroom and asking if I woke you, and you asleep… and me feeling like a rock star, all covered with hair and toothpaste and spit and puke…
That is how I know I love you… you might not know in the morning… but the sink works… and I love you. You might not know in the morning but I wish it was raining because I would run around in it, all grossed out… I want to impress you in the subtle ways… like the way a mountain raised out of the earth to grow snow on their ears… I want to impress you with my hockey skills that you have yet to see, or my arms falling drastically asleep upon your weekend body… I just want you to think of me and all the things I would do, … I am good at everything I do and trust me I am going to be good at you because you are good, and I haven’t come this far for nothing.

With your hair slime dripping down my arms I love you. Worried about waking you. Loving you more than myself.