last living souls


And maybe I just wasn’t good looking enough, back when I could talk with my ass and they would listen to me, shut up and listen… and thinking about my thought the whole big picture, I had her there and I swear to god she argued everything that came out on my mouth like proton to electron.. And I just wanted to tell her that it was natural, but when she started talking about gravity not existing, and an alternate reality… she lost me
She took a bath and I thought about teaching her the real laws of gravity…
She argued about what I called logic… I called it probability…
Still she argued that and I was dumfounded,
“I mean you believe when you get out of bed every morning that that the floor is not there… I know it is?”
And she argued that until I didn’t believe I was there or existed…
I was tired and leaned into the bathwater and kissed her and she rejecting me… but believe me I exist, I thought in the back of my head, “and I will teach you all about the laws of action reaction…a plane ticket to Seattle.”
But I can’t find the planes in love…

She wanted to drive down town to get some sushi, I told her logically it didn’t make sense to me driving down all half cocked... playing it safe.
She jumped back into the tub and shaved her twat and every hair that ever existed, then came out all dry… making my night a fucking nightmare… “I guess this I love boys…”
I guess this is the torture of logic and pussy.

She ordered out (pizza hut)
I had no idea how we paid, but fuck, pizza… I fucked it up