Could you care, I said pulling her hair like mahogany into my lungs and upon senses like my father’s boat…
A teak deck
And we don’t care about the young folks, yeah sure yeah!
All I care about is talking to you… fuck where is the fire poker?… wake you up a bit… my undisputable disorder, my impeccable taste that makes me want to taste you all night… all the things that hurt me and make me hard like a dosteveskey novel I hum and buzz into your , and upon of all the ones that I love… hum and buzz

Our beds are made.

I say to you all sleepy and not watching this movie that I am forced to…. A mirrior almost predictable… have you every hard about my story, the one the one about the last man on the plant earth…
You will like it…
I kiss you tonight… you whisper cold… I hold up my mirror… and dance because that is all I know to do..