jimmy kimml-el


He moved into light. I moved into light and I had a trampoline. I would jump so high and flip and take a pictures and then lay down upon its blackness to get a tan… my car, my two cars, my three cars my truck and my three cars… I felt like I could move them all with out a key if you know what I mean.
Our bed was made of oak and we picked it out special in Tacoma, it was made in Idaho by a man that chopped down trees and carved them so that you could put it back together again in another country so far away and feel like you were sleeping at home.
I watched you move into the light, god it was so slow and painful and I wanted to warp speed back to where ever you were and tell you everything I had learned, to show you how happy I was, I am.
I took pictures and emailed them to you… look at me now, look at gavin, he is nine now, and sometimes the streets filled with ice and he just slides down to the bus stop, sometimes it rains and thunders and I open up the curtains and film it all so salty and mean…
I thought this before you ever had a kid, how far ahead I was ahead of you, when I flew back to florida and watched shawn Alexander from Alabama rush into your endzone of what you pumped it all up to be… well we all know about shawn Alexander now.
Later that night at a bar at a pub, the girls rubbing up against us, the grog house, I invented speed bumps, and I let those speed bumps rub up against me all night long I was yet to crash.

You moved into light but god damn it was slow, I should have had more faith. I mean Jeremy was going bald and Tim was nuts, and Steve didn’t say much… you kept it all together… god it is amazing how you kept it all together, how you slowly rained her in, kissed her like a book that you read the cover too, read the end… kept us all together, even though we didn’t know which way to the sun… Steve and Jeremy your roommates, me leaving, you moving on… ten years later and I haven’t jumped on trampoline since then, I haven’t had a tan. We saw each other in Friday harbor and I saw myself and made a change… hoping somewhere it is like the change that you made back then…
Before we knew.