It seemed like, with my head laying down on the Dutch rug that we bought off of a French man for about a grand, it seemed like looking up at the large TV set that was deep within the old oak cupboard so we could cover up the TV set when guest came over… oh god it seemed like, so god like as the music was playing, it seemed so good after becoming a father and a husband… before they built that house next to our house and we had the patio on the side that was overlooking a field and we could go out there and eat our breakfast our big fat American sausage breakfast when we were so young we never worried about getting fat. It seemed like I could focus on one stand of that one carpet, and line up every enemy there ever was and shoot them down sort of like I did when I was a kid, when I was driving around with mom and I would find a dead bug on the windshield and turn it into a crosshair and start just shooting everything… it seemed like that sitting on the floor looking up at all that I became.