rats of kim


Kim fell asleep all mad at me, but if she only knew how I began and how she began she wouldn’t be so mad at me now.
She slams the door all savory, full of emotion. I just want to slowly walk into the room and chew her up. Eat her if so, like a steak given to a man who gets the promise of a steak given to a man in these circumstances.
Sometimes I feel like the comet that smashed into the earth, and she was still the earth and she still is mad at me for smashing into her…
And I am all like “but look we created the moon!”
I am your moon I say slowly and slithering into her bed rotating around her without choice, nothing more fundamental than gravity
I am such an affront, an assault? I will bring you light in the darkest of nights
But I love her so, and you will never know how I show how much I love her so.

She will never know how I love her so… it might be a poem, it might be a story about a horse but I do know this, she will shine through. Come upon me and sooth me and calm my hair upon my head, and make all the mad rivers seems sane. The salmon upon my hook, my kim, she will get this poem, she will smile… she will know I love her.