winter war


It was all winter outside, and we were all pent up inside with the heat and the warmth and fire.
Looking at old albums of back before or faces had fear all dreamy and shit. Angela was throwing her hips upon the room and behind her head and we were all laughing, she was one of the boys… out there in the cold upon the ridges was hunting me. Hunt me you fuckers this is how I am going to go.

Casey was kissing sara in the hall, falling over weird like- unable to move and I kicked myself by to the pisser.. into the only mirror I smiled smiling back and deposited my load.
When I think of all the crime, and how it catches up to you, when I think of all the crime I brought smashing down upon their heads, I am ready but they are lamb.
Thank you my soldiers, for following me, thank you for listening to my music, thank you for watching exist and erase myself… it is hard for me as I move, but you are so drunk you wont even notice that I am gone.
Moving on, finding love in new places and letting you roll off of my shoulders like a photos of Belgium.

We were propping you up and placing you in my gunslinger dreams, we were lining you up and picking the funeral song, we were, we were watching.

I feel like I was eaten by the world, I feel like you understood, therefore I have the right. To move you.

It was winter outside and all I cared about was the light that shown upon the snow of the new.