live from kodiak


I would like to thank my mother
I would like to thank my father for this foundation that I got
As a child, but I guess you have to go out there on your own and decipher it all and you fall in love like a text book. And you become a man or a father, a husband. .. and you think you are doing everything that you can do with all those thoughts in your mind. In the back of your mind. And you coach your son, and love your wife, and you think you are getting a head….
Ha look at me… you are meeting people and working your way up. You love but perhaps the wrong way. You work your way up some more because you are good at everything that you do except that thing. That one thing

Kim lays there on the couch and sometimes I look at her and she nothing but light, nothing but her bones. Nothing but her in the most simplest forms.
I want her to cheer, to jump and do the wave and I hope I can jump and do the wave. Do the wave I say to myself. I love you and the wave.

I remember lining up the Heineken bottles on the nautic track and shooting them all off. The girl I like at the time called me crazy, and left… I still shot those holes in the wall and to this day she thinks about it… as the beams of light roll out of a house that we used to own, my father used to own. “You shot holes in the wall” he says… yeah but he sold that house and I bet you dollars to doughnuts that girl still thinks about me and those holes that I shot/ don’t hold it against me dad.

and that is how i did it, i shot them all, i just never knew then that i would be so hard to put it all back together again